Why Do Emotional Affairs Happen?

The most painful question to ask is why your partner has engaged in an emotional affair.  The reasons behind an emotional affair are more complicated than those behind a physical affair.  Most people don’t intend to get involved in an emotional affair.  In most cases, emotional infidelity is something that just happens.

For most people, the affair begins when they find someone that they are somewhat attracted to who seems to be interested in them in a way that their partner is not.  Often, emotional affairs occur when the excitement of a new relationship has worn away, whether that is a few months into a new relationship or years into a marriage.

The partner who engages in an emotional affair is looking for someone who makes them feel interesting and exciting again, and they often don’t realize how powerful those emotions really are.

Another reason that emotional affairs happen is simply because it is easier than ever for people to engage in emotional infidelity.  Your partner likely spends time with people at work or during leisure time who have similar interests, hobbies, and personality traits.

The growth of social media puts people in touch with other people and makes it easy to reconnect with people from their past as well as people who are looking for a new relationship.  In fact, a majority of emotional affairs start simply as a matter of convenience when people connect online or at work with someone who seems to understand them.

Emotional affairs happen for a wide range of reasons, and finding out why your partner is engaged in one might be easier than you think.  Is your relationship troubled?  Does your partner have low self esteem or love being the center of attention?  Does he or she have a parent or past partner who cheated?  In order to understand why emotional infidelity occurs, you have to understand your relationship.