My Spouse Had an Affair – How to Get in Touch with Your Pain

Step #1 of the 21 Most Important Steps You Can Take To Save The Relationship After It’s Been Shattered By An Affair

Immediately after the affair, your initial reaction would likely be to search for an explanation as to why your partner cheated on you. You’d like to know the details of the affair. You just want to understand why your loved One could do what they did. And you also want to know if you are ever going to be able to put your trust in your spouse once again.

The below video gives you some practical suggestions that you can use right now to help you cope with the heart-wrenching emotions you will likely face. The information is taken from Dr. Gunzburg’s comprehensive Survive an Affair program plus companion workbook.

If you would like more help and a lot of concrete strategies that will help you cope with and overcome your troubling thoughts and feelings, then click the link below the video.


survive an affair


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