Can You Recover From Your Husband’s Emotional Affair And Rebuild Your Marriage?

Your world has been turned upside-down, inside-out because your husband had an emotional affair. After much thought, you decide that you still love him enough to fight for your marriage. But can a loving wife such as yourself really get over your husband’s betrayal and rebuild the relationship to become better than it was before?

Defining emotional affairs

Cheating occurs when one partner has betrayed the other’s expectations as how to act with other people. Emotional infidelity is another form of cheating. While the offending party may not have necessarily had physical contact with another person, the connection they share can create a major drift in the marriage.

In fact, emotional cheating can just have as much effect on the relationship as physical adultery. After all, having a special connection with someone else can, eventually, lead up to physical infidelity.

But if you have decided that you do love your husband enough to try and work things out, then you have just made the first step to reconciliation.

Steps to rebuilding your marriage


rebuild marriage after emotional affair step 1Accept the truth

Your husband cheated. He committed a mistake that is almost unforgivable, but you are willing to try to make sure that his emotional affair will not happen again. Do not make any excuses for why it happened and do not deny yourself the fact that you got hurt. Accepting this will help you move on bit by bit.


rebuild marriage after emotional affair step 2Forgive his mistake

Yes, you were hurt. However, there is no sense in revisiting the issue when you have already decided to move forward and try to overcome his emotional cheating. Whenever you bring it up or fight with him about the situation, you are only making matters worse. You might just end up resenting him for the rest of your life, or worse — drive him away even further.


rebuild marriage after emotional affair step 3Trust him again

Emotional adultery is very challenging to deal with, but when you are trying to rebuild you marriage, you need to learn to trust your spouse again. This is going to take a while, but slowly and surely, you should be able to stop doubting his commitment to you.


rebuild marriage after emotional affair step 4Spend quality time together

The most important portion in recovering from emotional affairs is finding time together. And this should not just be any time, but quality time. Affairs, no matter how much it wasn’t meant to happen, happened for a reason. Maybe you were both too focused on other things that you were drifting apart. Perhaps your husband was feeling neglected or unimportant, which made him look for comfort in someone else.

Maybe you haven’t spent any real time together in a while that things were starting to feel like a dead end. No matter what the reason is, spending quality time together will help speed the process of fixing your relationship.

Keep in mind — quality time doesn’t mean you sit together in front of the television for hours watching games and shows. Quality time is spending time together talking, getting to know each other, and doing things you both like to do.


rebuild marriage after emotional affair step 5Give quality time to yourself

You will be trying to get over the fact that your spouse had an emotional infidelity for quite a bit of time. But in order not to feel like you are forcing too much of yourself to mend the relationship, take some personal time off as well. Sometimes, seeing your spouse may be a reminder of the pain he put you through.

Therefore, you need to take some alone time just to regroup and make sure that you don’t go into some kind of break down. This will also help you to maintain a balanced self esteem by reflecting on the areas of the relationship you need to work on.


rebuild marriage after emotional affair step 6Be patient

“Patience is a virtue” is what we are often told. There is a proper way to heal from the suffering you’ve experienced, and you can’t force things to be as they were before. Don’t get too overwhelmed if it feels like you’re not seeing improvement. Just continue to be patient and understanding of both your needs and your husbands.

So, can one really recover from their husband’s emotional affair?

YES! Do not doubt this because it can happen. As long as you both are fully committed to working things out, no matter how hard it gets, things will get better. Relationships are hard work. But when you both are loving, understanding, communicating and trusting, the better your relationship will be.

If you take the right steps, you can draw your husband back in and begin to restore your marriage TOGETHER. How do you do that? Click the button below to find out…

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