How to Recognize an Emotional Affair- Know the Signs

Recognizing the signs of an emotional affair can help you keep one from occurring.  The signs of emotional infidelity are often very similar to those of a physical affair.  Start by looking for changes in your partner’s demeanor and actions.  The following are some of the most common signs that your partner is involved in an emotional affair:

•    He or she begins working out, changing their style of dress, or spending more time on their appearance before going to work.

•    Your partner begins hiding his or her cell phone, “locking” it, or becomes protective of the phone and the information on it.

•    You partner spends an excessive amount of time online, getting up early or staying up late to spend time online and refusing to tell you what he or she was doing.

•    He or she suddenly becomes vague about how their time is spent.  Examples might include suddenly being too tired after work to talk about their day or “forgetful” about details of lunches or other activities.

•    Your partner suddenly demands that you not contact him or her at work, removes pictures or other family mementos from their wallet, purse, or car, or stops wearing gifts like jewelry or clothing from you.

•    He or she becomes very secretive or defensive about another person, defending his or her actions even when you haven’t challenged your partner about that person.

The best indication that your partner is having an emotional affair is simply a “gut feeling” or intuition that something is not right.  You will often feel that you are loosing your connection to your partner.  You will find that your partner picks fights and seems to be purposely distancing himself or herself from you.  When you feel that something isn’t right, chances are, you should be worried.