My Spouse Had An Affair – How to Clear Your Mind and Own Your Thoughts

Step #3 of The 21 Most Important Steps You Can Take To Save The Relationship After It’s Been Shattered By An Affair


When the reality of your spouse’s affair comes crashing down, it is normal to become trapped in  irrational and negative thoughts that consume your every waking moment. There are steps that you can take to control your thoughts, including ways to clear your mind so you can begin to own your own thoughts once again.

The below video gives you some practical suggestions on how to release the power of obsessive thoughts, reclaiming your ability to entertain only those thoughts that build you up, rather than destroy your peace of mind.

The information is taken from Dr. Gunzburg’s comprehensive Survive an Affair program plus companion workbook. If you would like more help on how you can clear your mind and own your thoughts again, just click the link below the video.

survive an affair
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