How to Build Trust after an Emotional Affair

One of the most devastating effects of an emotional affair is the destruction of trust between two people.  Rebuilding that trust is the key to creating a happier, healthier marriage.  While you may be tempted to make demands that your partner give up all privacy, your relationship will suffer in the long term.

Healing requires a lot of forgiveness, and you will not be able to trust your partner if you can’t let go of the past.  Let your partner know that you don’t want to hear the details of the affair, as this will only hurt you further.  Instead, focus on creating a healthier relationship by paying attention to the things you do well together.

Trust in a relationship should grow over time, and helping your partner understand what you need will help that trust grow.  Don’t demand that you be able to read all of his or her text messages, instead ask him or her to avoid answering the phone or sending texts during certain times that you are together.

Additionally, talk to your partner about things he or she has done well in the past that have increased your trust level.  Whether it is occasional calls from the office or being introduced to his or her friends, focusing on the things he or she does right will make your partner more likely to do those things again.

The most important part of building trust is found in your ability to forgive.  While there is no doubt that emotional infidelity hurts, only you can decide how long to let it keep ruining your future.  Giving your partner the honest chance to rebuild your trust will help you build the type of strong relationship that you have been missing out on.