Forgiving Infidelity – What Does Forgiveness Mean to You?

Forgive and forget is not so easy to do when it comes to matters of the heart. This is especially true when it comes to forgiving infidelity in a marriage. If your spouse cheated on you and he has not begged for forgiveness or shown any kind of remorse, you might be feeling puzzled by his behavior when it seems obvious to you that is what he should be doing. Nothing only that, but you might also be feeling saddened and angered by your spouse’s inability to be remorseful or ask for forgiveness.

There’s a lot more going on than just hearing words, when you are waiting for your spouse to apologize to you for having an affair. When you hear your cheating spouse apologizing, what it may mean to you is that…

  • he is acknowledging the terrible pain that he has caused you by stepping outside the boundaries of marriage
  • he is accepting that he is solely responsible for tearing apart the foundation of your marriage
  • he is recognizing and admitted his part in contributing to your current emotional state of distress.

Without hearing those words of apology, you may feel stuck in limbo, waiting to move on, yet thinking you are unable to because you have put faith in hearing a request for forgiveness, taking responsibility for his actions and showing genuine remorse for his behavior.

To forgive or not to forgive is a decision only you can make. Since forgiveness can mean different things to different people you need to define what it really means to you and to repairing your marriage. What would it mean to you if your spouse were to apologize to you today? What if he never expresses an apology? As you can see, forgiving infidelity is not as cut and dried as it might first appear to be.

Rebuilding a marriage after adultery is hard enough, even when the guilty party is sufficiently remorseful and apologetic. “How to Forgive and Work Through the Past” is a marriage saving program that goes deeply into the subject of forgiveness and acceptance. It’s step-by-step information on working through the stumbling blocks to forgiving infidelity and surviving your spouse’s affair. It might me worth it to you and your marriage to give it a try.

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