Dealing With Infidelity – How do you exorcise those disturbing images in your head?

If you are dealing with infidelity in your marriage you are most likely having a difficult time getting the images of your cheating spouse and his paramour out of your mind, especially if you were privy to all of the disgusting details.
Discovering that your spouse is cheating on you, is by far the worst thing that you have ever been through or had to deal with in your life. Even though you and your spouse are trying to save your marriage, you don’t know how to stop those feelings and images in your head. Images of the two of them haunt you day and night.

In his breakthrough dealing with infidelity program, “How to Survive an Affair,” Dr. Frank Gunzburg outlines a step-by-step process for eliminating those disturbing images from your mind. One thing he suggests is that you “Create a Quiet Zone” to gain control over the images in your head.

This involves setting aside a period of time where you can sit quietly by yourself without interruption. You want to find a spot that is secluded and where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Once that is in place, then and only then will you let those images into your head. The advantage here is that you are in control of the situation. You can learn more about Dr. Gunzburg’s program here.

From experience I know that dealing with infidelity and playing those haunting images in your head day after day, just like a horror movie or a bad dream can drive you crazy. You worry that they will never go away. All sorts of things go through your mind. You torture yourself with visions of your spouse and his paramour entwined together or sharing intimate moments.

You imagine that the other person is physically perfect and perhaps younger than you are. Right now it may seem that it will never end, but rest assured, you can overcome it. For more help on dealing with infidelity and coping with those recurring images, I encourage you to ake a look at Dr. Gunzburg’s program, “How to Survive an Affair”  or see a qualified professional for help in getting started.

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