Dealing With Cheating – Why Did He Cheat?

People who are faced with the heartbreaking realization of an affair often want to know why their spouse cheated on them. If you’re going through the trauma of dealing with cheating in your relationship, you’ve probably asked yourself this very question. You want to know why your spouse would ruin your marriage and everything you’ve worked for by engaging in such foolish and reckless conduct.

The truth of the matter is that there is no one single answer as to why people get involved in extra marital affairs. There are many reasons that people give for cheating on their spouses, but when all is said and done, it all comes down to the fact that the cheater has a serious flaw in his or her character, and he uses these reasons as justification for his actions. To get past the affair, the cheater has to take the necessary steps to repair this flaw in his or her character.

Looking for rational reasons why your spouse cheated isn’t getting to the heart of the issue, as you will never completely understand a cheater (not being a cheater yourself). But you don’t have to understand why your spouse cheated in order to repair your marriage. In fact it is not a good idea to expend time and energy trying to figure out the “why.” Instead you should focus on what you need to do to rebuild your marriage.

You should direct all of that energy toward healing yourself and repairing your marriage, because it is a much more effective way to spend your time. Besides you’ll be making your marriage better than it was before the affair, which means it will be more unlikely that you will be dealing with cheating in your relationship in the future.

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