Catch Your Wife Cheating: 5 Simple Ways to Find Out if You Have a Cheating Wife

[hmtad name=”Brickhouse 120×600″ align=”floatleft”]When you have that feeling at the pit of your stomach that your wife is having an affair, you might be looking for ways to confirm it so you can file for divorce. Of course, it’s natural to feel betrayed and hurt but it is imperative you have that confirmation of a cheating wife before you do anything else… especially confront them!

5 Ways to catch your wife cheating

Now, you may be wondering how you go about catching a cheating wife in the act.  It’s much simpler than anyone thinks; but if you need some help with some other ideas, check out: “How To Catch A Cheating Spouse.”

1 – Follow her

The easiest way to learn how to catch a cheating wife in the act is to follow her. Make sure to pick the “following time” wisely…perhaps when your wife says she’s meeting up with friends or needs to work late.  If you choose to track your wife, be careful not to get caught. If you’re caught, you could end up in very big trouble. You should also avoid dangerous situations when following your wife.

2 – Employ the services of a private investigator

Following your spouse yourself isn’t the only way to catch a cheating wife. Rather, you can employ a private investigator that specializes in catching cheaters. For most folks, this is the safer option. To get this person started, you’ll need to give them information about your wife, their description, work schedule, etc. To make it easier on the investigator, give him/her her picture so they know for sure what she looks like. The investigator will shadow your wife to determine if she is cheating and get the evidence you desire.

The bad part about hiring a private investigator is the cost; but if you really need to know if you have a cheating wife, the cost is well worth the proof you get. If a divorce is on the table, the proof he/she gets you will be invaluable.


catch cheating spouse

3 – Review Her Cell Phone

To catch a cheating wife, you’ll need to think like her. Most cheaters really have no desire to get caught. If they’re going to call their lover, they won’t do it with the house phone but rather their cell phones. The majority of cell phones maintain precise records including the following information:

– Phone calls received
– Phone called dialed
– Pictures received
– Text messages received

Is there anything that looks like she is having an affair?

Besides the phone, check out the bill. Cell phone bills itemize the messages and numbers that come into the phone.   You might be able to change your cell phone bill’s format to reveal the information you need.

4 – World wide web

There are a multitude of ways to catch your wife cheating on the Internet. You can use the ‘Net for a research tool to learn all the ways to catch her in the act, the common signs cheaters display, mistakes they make, etc. The Internet is also a great place to look for your private investigator.

The Internet is also a place people turn to do their cheating and it’s a great way to catch your cheating wife. Look at your computer’s history. Does it have a lot of social networking sites, dating websites etc on it? Does the browser’s history looked cleared to you?

5 – Have Your Ears and Eyes Open

If you want to catch your cheating wife, sometimes all you need to do is keep both your eyes and your ears open. Your wife, not caring if she’s caught, may flaunt her cheating. And, don’t forget that people do talk so listen out for any signs from friends and family that she has a lover.

When you need to know if your wife is having an affair, there is much you can do to find out. However, if you need further help, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to check out: How To Catch A Cheating Spouse. Here, you’ll learn all about cheaters and the methods they go to hide their affair. You’ll also learn other ways to catch your cheating wife in the act. Don’t be in the dark any longer.



CHEATING PARTNERBody Language Cues Of A Cheating Partner

A person’s body language is an often-ignored pool of “evidence” where infidelity is concerned. How your partner reacts to certain questions, how your partner’s hands feel when you hold them, how your partner’s eyes move – these are just some of the most telling signs in a cheating spouse.

But how do you identify them? Click the link below to find out.


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