Cheating Spouse Quiz

A quick quiz for suspicious spouses. This isn’t a fun quiz, and there are no prizes for getting the top score. Well, maybe there is, if realizing your hubby or wife is stepping out on you can help you take action.

There are few things in life more hurtful than suspecting your loved one is being unfaithful to you – except knowing it for a fact. The difference is, once you accept or prove it, it frees you up to take action.

With this in mind, here are a few True/False questions to answer:

1. I feel like my partner is withdrawing emotionally

2. We’re having less sex

3. We’re having more sex, and there’s no special reason for it

4. My partner is being more attentive

5. My partner is being less attentive

6. My partner is touchier

7. My partner is sick/headachey/crampy/tired/stressed every time I want to be close or intimate

8. My partner avoids answering my questions directly

9. My partner is blaming me for things or picking fights

10. My partner is more concerned than usual with his or her looks/body/wardrobe

11. My partner has new favorite things that I can’t account for and that we two don’t share

12. My partner has new friends/a new hangout and I am not welcome

13. He doesn’t want me cleaning out pockets/She doesn’t want you looking in her purse

14. My partner finds reasons to be away a lot more often with friends or shopping than he or she used to

15. My partner works late more often but the paycheck isn’t reflecting more money

If you can answer three or more of these questions Yes, it looks like he might be doing exactly what your gut is telling you he/she’s doing — having an affair.



CHEATING PARTNERBody Language Cues Of A Cheating Partner

A person’s body language is an often-ignored pool of “evidence” where infidelity is concerned. How your partner reacts to certain questions, how your partner’s hands feel when you hold them, how your partner’s eyes move – these are just some of the most telling signs in a cheating spouse.

But how do you identify them? Click the link below to find out.