Use Your Cheating Husband Cell Phone Records To Catch Him Cheating

[hmtad name=”Brickhouse 120×600″ align=”floatleft”]One of the biggest fears a married woman has is whether or not she’s got a cheating husband. And, if she has many suspicions, she may be trying to find proof of his adultery. The most common way to obtain this proof comes from spying…spying on the suspected cheating spouse.

Of course, spying is not for the faint at heart. So, if you’re not comfortable taking matters into your own hands and you don’t have the kind of money it takes to hire a private investigator to learn if you do have a cheating husband, then you do have another option at your disposal… checking his cell phone!

Using A Cell Phone To Catch Proof Of A Cheating Husband – The Cell Phone Itself

Checking his cell phone makes sense because many cheating partners use cell phones to talk with their lovers. In fact, many adulterers use their cell phones instead of their house phones to ensure they are less likely to get caught. After all, a house phone typically has more than one “landline” phone and someone in the house could pick up the other line.

Since a cell phone is the main mode of communication between a cheating husband and his lover, you could use that cell phone to catch the proof you need.

Cell phone companies keep meticulous records of all calls, incoming and outgoing. Cell phones will have a call log… even for older numbers. Calls that are dialed out, received or missed are recorded. You’ll be given a date and time for all calls. If you’re able to get your hands on his cell phone, you can learn whether or not you have a cheating husband. Be sure to grab the cell phone when he’s least likely to see you flipping through it…perhaps when he’s in the shower or asleep.

Now, when you’re looking through the cell phone to determine if you’ve got a cheating husband, you’ll want to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Look for names or numbers you don’t recognize. Be sure you look for repeated calls to the same number. Does your husband seem to call the same number many times during the day? If you answer yes, it’s highly probable he’s cheating on you.

Besides looking through the call log to determine if you’ve got a cheating husband, go through text and pictures messages. While these can easily be deleted, most cheaters don’t really think about this step. After all, they don’t think they’ll get caught. Not sure how to work the cell phone itself? Be sure to do some research on the phone or check:

Cheating husbands clues on telephone bill

Besides using the cell phone to catch an alleged cheating husband, you can use the bills to catch him. This is especially easy to do if you’re married or live together. Most cell phone bills list all the numbers, incoming and outgoing along with text messages. If your husband’s cell phone bill lists this information, you can look for repetitive called numbers.

If you find that the cell phone bill isn’t itemized, you might be given the option to do it. If you’re the person paying the cell phone bill or you’re married, you can change the format of the bill. All you need to do is make a call to the cell phone company. The next bill that comes in will make it easier to catch a cheating husband.

You can certainly use your cheating husband cell phone records and the cell phone itself to find out if he’s having an affair. If you notice that he’s hanging up or has a lowered voice every time you walk in where he is at, then it’s highly probable chance that he’s a cheating husband. Check out to learn the signs of a cheater and how to catch a cheating husband through his cell phone, spying, etc.

Cheat-Busting Tips And Techniques

Become Your Own Private Investigator

how to catch a cheating spouse

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