Don’t be a Fool Any Longer: 8 Signs to Watch Out For to Determine if You Have a Cheating Husband

Do you believe your husband is having an affair? Sometimes it’s very hard to determine whether or not your husband is having an affair. After all, the signs of an unfaithful spouse are not always clear. But, in due time, the signs will shine through, all associated to his cheating husband behavior. Do you think you’ve seen the signs of a cheating husband?

8 Common and Not So Discreet Signs That You’re Living With A Cheating Husband

You might not realize it, and most women try to ignore it, but there are signs that women may have a cheating husband in their midst. Besides the common signs listed below, there more signs of a cheating husband that you should know. Check out to learn what other signs you should be on the watch out for. In the meantime, read the eight listed to help you figure out whether or not he’s cheating on you.

1 – Your Husband Is Trying To Lose Weight

Your husband has decided to join a gym, which is a key sign if it’s something they’ve never done before. If weight wasn’t an issue in your marriage, then why would it start being an issue today? It’s possible that your husband’s having an affair.

2 – Your Husband Refuses To Sit Down and Talk

Does it seem like your husband isn’t interested in talking to you anymore? Another sign of a husband cheating is if communication has all but ceased…especially if there used to be communication. An unfaithful spouse will distance themselves from any relationship at home so you can take it as a sign that he’s cheating.

3 – Your Husband Wants Sex To Be Different

While it’s not a tell-tale sign that you have a cheating husband, how he acts in the bedroom (and with sex) can be a sign that he’s cheating on you. Does he suddenly want to do new things during sex? If so, then you might be wondering where in the world he learned these new things.

4 – Your Husband Doesn’t Want Sex As Often

Does your husband seem less interested in having sex with you? A sudden decrease in sex might mean you have a cheating husband on your hands. There are two reasons why sex is less with cheaters:

A – They often feel guilty about having an affair
B – Their lover is giving them more than enough sex

5 – Your Husband Is Quick To Get Angry

A cheating husband tends to get angry easily, leading to more fights in your marriage. The little things you do might set your husband off…even causing them to leave the room. Be sure to note the cheating husband behavior toward you and other persons in the family.

6 – Your Husband Is Buying A Brand New Wardrobe

Does it seem like your husband’s wardrobe is changing? Does this coincide with his exercise regime or workout? A big cheating sign is the purchase of a brand new wardrobe where additional skin is shown.

7 – Your Husband’s Unusual Phone Behavior

Is your husband always on the phone? When you come near, does he lower his voice or leave the room to talk to the person on the other line? Another sign to watch for is his hanging up the phone when you walk in the room. Be mindful of an increase use of his cell phone. And, people having an affair will often use their cell phone, not house phone to make those phone calls to their lover.

8 – Your Friends’ Behavior Has Changed

Besides watching out for the signs of a cheating husband, you should watch your friends’ behavior. Any friends you share together may act differently toward you because they know more than they let on. It doesn’t matter if they tell you outright or not, his/her behavior may be, intentionally or unintentionally, showing you signs.

The above signs could be an indicator that you have a cheating husband. However, before you go accusing him, you need to make certain. After all, your husband may be making these changes for you or to improve his health.

How To Learn If You Have A Cheating Husband

There are no assurances that your husband is having an affair…even if he is doing all eight signs. With that in mind, you should find some solid evidence including:

– Screening his phone calls
– Scrutinizing the cell phone bill
– Employ the services of a private investigator
– Spy on him yourself

Again, don’t accuse your husband of having an affair… not until you have concrete proof that he is a cheating husband. If you don’t, you’ll have a whole new can of worms to deal with. What other ways can you get your proof? Visit to learn how you can catch your cheating husband?

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