Catch a Cheating Wife: What are Some Gadgets That You Can Use to Catch Her Cheating

If you are sure that your cheating wife is having an affair, but she denies it, then rest assured you are probably right. Statistics show that a massive 60% of spouses that suspect their partner is being unfaithful are totally right.

The British newspaper the Daily Mail estimates that over 15% of women will have an affair, and approximately 20% of men will do the same. That is shocking enough, but conservative estimates suggest that between eight and 15% of children are not the biological child of the man they call Dad.

So, you don’t want to be paying maintenance for a child that is not your own when you and your wife split up, do you? You do not want to be taking care of another man’s son or daughter.

But how do I prove it?

Women are better than men at having affairs, or rather, they are better at not getting caught. That is not to say you cannot catch your cheating wife though. Many wives have been caught in their affairs over the years.

I can’t afford a private investigator

In years past people have hired a P.I., or private investigator to discover if their suspicions about a cheating spouse are warranted. But often the cost of a P.I. will run into thousands of dollars. Although you may want peace of mind, it is likely that you wouldn’t have that sort of money available to you.

But, since the cost of the equipment that private investigators use on a daily basis have plummeted in recent years, they have become available to anyone seeking to prove the infidelity of their cheating wife.

There are many different tactics that you can use to discover if your wife is having the affair you suspect her of.

Some companies offer a “Catch A Cheater” package, which contains a few different tools that can help you catch your wife cheating. The most effective ways to catch her is by using a multi-pronged attack, and with these packages you can do just that.

How to catch a cheating wife: What is she up to online?

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One of the first ways to catch her would be to check what she is doing online. You can do this with the Stealth iBot. This little gadget means you can see where she goes and what she does, who she speaks to and what passwords she uses. It looks like a USB stick and it doesn’t show on your computer at all. You will be able to see exactly what is going on.

How to catch a cheating wife: Where is she going?


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So, when she says she is going shopping with her sister, you need to find out what is really going on. If you want to catch a cheating wife, then you need to know where she is. Spark Nano is a clever little tracker which will enable you to track, online, everywhere your wife goes in the car. You can follow her on any computer with internet access. Instantly know where your car goes to, and get the proof of a cheating wife.

While you are adding that to your wife’s car, why not add a voice recorder too? Just about the size of a stick of chewing gum, you can just place it in the glove compartment and record the conversations of your wife and her lover.

How to catch a cheating wife: Who is she texting?

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The increase in mobile phones, or cell phones, means that having an affair is easier now that it has ever been. Why not check up on her phone conversations and her texts? With Cell Phone Spy you can access her call logs, and even discover the contents of her deleted texts. It can trace any cell phone that uses a SIM. So you will know everything, even the stuff your cheating wife doesn’t want anyone to know!

How to catch a cheating wife: Who’s been cheating in MY bed?

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You definitely want to know if there has been adultery going on in your own house. Has she brought her lover to the marital bed? You can check up on this with a camera inside the house. Cameras these days can be very small, and easily hidden.

How about a camera inside an air freshener? The MicroEye Hidden Camera with Recording (DVR) detects motion and starts snapping photos. Great for permanent evidence! It could be well hidden anywhere in the house. Or even a camera that looks like an alarm clock, such as the True Nightvision Camera. It records days worth of activity and works in the dark perfectly. You get high definition footage.

Everyone has doubts about their partner at some time or another. Without having arguments and quarrels, without even pointing the finger, you can put your mind at rest one way or another with these effective and discreet P.I. technological gadgets.

PLEASE NOTE: Spying is not always legal. You need to check the laws in your state with regard to spying on your cheating wife. If in doubt contact an attorney.

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