Can An Emotional Affair Become a Physical Affair?

An emotional affair creates a slippery slope that often leads to physical infidelity.  In most cases, people involved in an emotional affair have no clear intention to cheat or become physically involved.  But as the affair continues, the people involved in the affair begin to depend on each other for happiness and for the good feelings they provide.

There is almost always a component of physical attraction, even if the people involved don’t initially acknowledge it.  The thrill of keeping the relationship secret and “sneaking around” can lead to feelings of excitement and increased physical attraction.

As an emotional affair becomes more thrilling and feelings become more intense, the likelihood that the relationship will become physical increases.

There are often signs that a relationship will soon move from emotional to physical.  Your partner may begin working out or may suddenly change his or her appearance.  They may begin picking fights more often, or they may become suddenly more distant.

You may also notice that he or she begins wearing a particular cologne or perfume or dresses in a different way on days when he or she will see the other person.  You may even notice that your partner seems to feel guilty about something that he or she won’t tell you about.  All of these are signs that the emotional affair is, or will soon be, a physical affair as well.