After the Emotional Affair- How to Affair Proof Your Marriage

After the initial pain of dealing with an emotional affair has passed, it is time to focus on building a relationship that is immune to future emotional infidelity.  The process begins by creating a relationship in which the lines of communication are always open. Often, couples will open themselves up to affairs because they feel that they can’t be themselves with their spouse.

Open communication in a relationship requires that you stop judging your partner and see him or her as they really are.  Talk about things with each other that address the core parts of who you really are, and be willing to accept that while you may not agree on everything, you can accept that your partner is different and love him or her for those differences rather than in spite of them.

Another key component to creating an affair-proof marriage is cultivating a life together that involves shared relationships and experiences.  Rather than spending time with your own friends, find friends that you can spend time with together.

Also, if either of you has friends who cheat, it is time to stop spending time with those friends since another person’s moral compass can have an impact on your own.  Spend time with people who love you as a couple, and build relationships together that help you fulfill your emotional needs together.

Finally, find ways to return to the parts of your relationship that made you fall in love to begin with.  Don’t discount the importance of a physically intimate relationship, a trap that many couples fall into.  Whether it is sex or simply physical closeness, the bonds of a relationship are often formed when you are physically together.

Find ways to remind each other of why you are good together- complimenting your partner when he or she does something that makes you happy is a simple way to strengthen your relationship.  Being your partner’s best friend is the best insurance against a future affair.