Cheating Wife: How Do I Get My Husband to Stop the Verbal Abuse After the Affair?

As the cheating wife, one of the problems that you will have to learn to deal with is how to get your husband to stop the verbal abuse and name-calling.  After the affair has come to light, there’s going to be a lot of emotions that have to be dealt with, and some of those can come across in the most hurtful way in the form of verbal abuse; but what sort of affair help is available to stop the name calling, and get things to a stage where you can try to start putting your marriage back together again?

Is affair help really what you need?

People are going to react in different ways, after the affair has been exposed, and one of the ways your husband may be using to express himself is by resorting to verbal abuse and name-calling. It’s not productive, but it can be the only way that some people, who are injured by an affair, can express their built up hurt and frustration, when they don’t have the actual words to say it in a calm way.

Add to this the fact that the affair is still churning through their mind, and you can start to see how it can happen, after adultery has crept in to what may have seemed to be a solid relationship.

There are, of course, methods to deal with the whole subject in a calm and rational way, but you have to do the right sort of preparation before you can get to that stage. If you try to discuss the problems without having everything straight in your own mind, it can get to the name calling stage again, and very quickly.

Frustration – as much with yourself as with your husband – can lead to even more jumble up thoughts, and they will vent as something irrational like name-calling. The only person who will benefit from this is the counselor who is charging you by the session.

Is there a better way to get the help that you need, after the affair?

Yes there is; but how do you get everything to a state of calm before you get together to talk it all through? You have to follow your own path before you get to that stage. Here’s what that means: you are going to be feeling completely different about things, after the affair, than your husband is. He is the one who has been betrayed, and he will be trying to come to terms with why you did it to him, while you’ll be approaching the same question from a different angle.

Do you know why you had the affair? What actually led to it ending, and you deciding that you needed affair recovery help? Can the problems that led to your affair be solved by talking it through?  Are you actually going to be able to listen to what he has to say, or will you take the position that it was down to him that you strayed, and you wouldn’t really see his side of the discussion, anyway? There’s a lot to think about, after the affair, before you start trying to talk it all through.

What if your husband isn’t ready for affair help, yet?

Your husband will have his own issues to sort out before the talking can begin. Once both sides have come to terms with the ‘what’s’ the ‘whys’ and the way they feel, then a proper, calm, and productive discussion can get underway. Where do you get the help that will see you through these all-important first steps to sorting your marriage out, after the affair? The place that you need to visit is “How to Survive an Affair.”

Now, you may find that help like this isn’t going to be the price of a cheap book that doesn’t really have that much helpful advice in it, and with very good reason: this is guaranteed to be able to help you with your affair recovery steps, where as the other will just lead to more wasted time, and a lot of confusion.

Isn’t an affair recovery program going to be expensive?

How much would you be paying if you went to see a counselor for help? Are they going to give you a money back guarantee that they can give you the infidelity recovery help that you need? Unlikely, isn’t it? They will get you to come in to talk, and there’s no guarantee that both you and your husband will be ready to talk by that stage; then the arguing begins.

By the time you have both worked through your individual feelings, and are ready to talk in a civilized manner to each other, you’re several sessions in, and half a bank account lighter. No real affair help is going to be dirt cheap, but it shouldn’t be charging you unnecessarily, either.

If you’re truly ready to make the commitment to your marriage, and discuss what happened before, during, and after the affair, then go to “How to Survive an Affair” and start things off on the right track, with a proven step-by-step system; now is the time to put things right, after the affair.

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One thought on “Cheating Wife: How Do I Get My Husband to Stop the Verbal Abuse After the Affair?

  1. I think it’s hard after an affair but a person that is verbally abusive after most likely has been verbally abusive before. I have seen it time and time again. The affair can be an excuse to let out what they want to do. I have seen people get over affairs but their actions are a bit different. When my cousin’s wife had 5 year affair they took a break and then he took her back. He did not verbally abuse her but he asked her to for things that rebuild trust. He is not a weak man. He was seen as a stronger person because he did not give in to his need for revenge or punishment. I know would rather someone just leave me than use mistakes no matter how big against me and be abusive. There may be hope but you are a person too. You are not a monster and you deserve at the very least not to be abused. This doesn’t help either of you.

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