After the affair – Does he Still Love me?

After the affair, you may have doubts as to whether your cheating spouse still loves you. After all how can he say that he loves you when he has been cheating on you. This is a very difficult question and one that only your spouse can answer.

As strange as it may seem, cheating does not necessary mean that your partner does not love you. The love that brought two people together in marriage can endure a great deal of change and suffering. So in most cases the love did not die, it’s just buried under the stresses and demands of day to day living.

People get confused and lose their way. True there are some cases where people do fall out of love, but by and large the love is still there. Also, your spouse may not be fully aware of the depth of his own feelings and it may take a dramatic event of some kind to uncover these feelings again.

Love is the foundation of a good marriage. Without it your marriage does not have much chance of surviving. And besides who wants to be in a loveless relationship anyway? But if your spouse still loves you even after the affair, then you have a very good chance of saving your marriage. You just need to know how to do it.

How to Rebuild the Love

How to Rebuild the Love Even if You Think it’s Lost!

how to rebuild the loveIn one hour, discover the 3 skills needed to rebuild the love, even if your spouse says it’s lost.

Before you allow your relationship to end because you believe the passion has dried up, follow Dr. Gunzburg’s 3-step recipe for eliminating the anger and resentment that stand in the way of the love, passion and emotional bond you once shared. This guide will be your step-by-step manual for saving your relationship.

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