After the Affair – Will Knowing the Details Help me to Heal?

After the affair, knowing how to handle all the sordid details can mean the difference between your marriage surviving infidelity or not. You and your spouse’s effort to save your marriage may stall if you  fail to decide whether you are going to discuss the details of the affair, and how to handle them if you do.

For some couples, the best course may be not to get into every specific intimate details of the affair, but for others it may be necessary to discuss the painful details before they can move forward. Since knowing everything about the affair could be overwhelming, and feed images that not just haunt you, but torture you for some time to come, you need to learn the appropriate steps to take in making this crucial decision.

You as the injured spouse should be the one to decide how much if any of the details of the affair that you want to hear. Experts suggest that you write down all the questions that you want answered, then sit and think them over for a few days, to see if this is information really must know in order to move forward and heal from the infidelity. This is important because once you get all the details, there is no going back. So be sure to weigh both sides before asking the questions.

To survive and thrive after the affair, you need a system to follow. One that is going to hold your hand and take you step-by-step through each phase of the healing process. This system will give you all the tools you need to move past your spouse’s infidelity so you could reclaim your marriage and transform it into the relationship of your dreams.

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