After the Affair – Should You Try To Save Your Relationship or Leave?

Should you stay and fight or should you cut and run? That’s the question. If you are reeling from the havoc of marital infidelity, you no doubt have asked yourself that question. There’s no easy answer and only you can decide if your marriage is worth saving after the affair and betrayal.


survive an affair


If you believe in the married “for life” philosophy, realize you can’t control someone else’s behavior. The only person you can control is you. You maybe torn between staying and working it out or just throwing in the towel and calling it quits. But how do you decide if you really want to save your relationship? Here are some factors to ponder as you decide on the fate of your marriage after the affair:

1) Is your spouse committed to doing whatever it takes to repair the damage that he or she caused? Are they truly committed to saving the marriage? This is extremely important for you to know, since the amount of effort and dedication that your spouse invests in rebuilding the marriage will go a long way in helping you decide whether to stay or call it quits.

2) Is the other party out of the picture for good? In other words, has your spouse completely ended the affair?

3) Is your spouse ready to leave the marriage himself or herself?

4) Is it worth the time, energy and emotional commitment that you would need to expend to repair your marriage.

These are just some of the pressing issues that you need to consider when deciding whether to stay or go. The bottom line is; only you can make this choice. There is no law that says you have to get a divorce after the affair and betrayal in your marriage.

After going through much pain and anguish and what is most probably the worst time of your life, even after the affair and knowing that your spouse was with another person, you may choose to stay in your marriage and try to work it out. It maybe very difficult to forget the past or forgive your spouse. But you and your spouse may still feel it is better option to stay together after all. It’s a long and difficult journey but it is not impossible.

There is a lot of work involved in repairing a marriage after the affair is over. You need a realistic plan to heal yourself and your marriage. You can get started on the road to recovery today by simply signing up for the FREE 7-Part Survive an Affair course (FREE course from Dr. Frank Gunzburg). Click Here Now for Instant Access.

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