What You Can do to Save Your Relationship After the Affair

The 21 Most Important Steps You Can Take To Save The Relationship After It’s Been Shattered By An Affair

survive an affair

Are you struggling to get over the pain of an affair? After being blindsided by the betrayal and resulting pain and emotion, you may wonder what next?  How do you deal with the questions and doubt. . .do you take him/her back. . .do you leave. . .can you ever find trust again?  Right now, you probably can’t get the thoughts out of your head.  But there is hope.

If you’re struggling to put your marriage and your life back together after an affair, today I am going to give you the exact steps that both of you (the injured as well as the cheater), need to take to heal themselves first and then work together to transform the marriage and make it better than ever.

The key to re-establishing a healthy relationship is knowing exactly what to say and do immediately after the affair. You need a concrete plan that helps you focus on doing the right things in the right order to save your relationship as opposed to trying to figure it out on your own.

Believe it or not, you can find love and trust with your spouse again, but you need to follow a specific sequence of steps, because healing your relationship is about building on success after success. This 21-part series will provide you with the exact steps that you need to take to heal and rebuild the relationship.


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  1. Get in Touch with Your Pain
  2. Process Your Painful Emotions Effectively
  3. Clear Your Mind and Own Your Thoughts
  4. Overcome Obsessive Images about the Affair
  5. Rebuild Your Self-Confidence, Self-Trust, and Self-Respect
  6. How to Cope with Your Emotions and Restore Trust with Your Partner
  7. Overcome Your Negative Feelings
  8. End the Affair
  9. Become Transparent
  10. Ask for Forgiveness
  11. Create a Heartfelt Apology
  12. Analyze the 10 Critical Dimensions of Your Relationship
  13. Coming into Agreement
  14. Talk with Each Other – A Lot
  15. Discuss the 10 Critical Dimensions of Your Relationship with Each Other
  16. Rebuild Trust
  17. Develop Stability
  18. Learn to Resolve Conflicts
  19. Revitalize Your Sexual Relationship
  20. Accept the Past and Move on to a Brighter Future
  21. Develop a Relationship Contract

What to do Next:

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